CVF Media Upload Home

CVPR uses videos on the webpage/app and CVF YouTube page to archive the content. To allow simplified processing and provide high-quality streaming, the CVPR video upload page assumes you can access YouTube and requires a link to your uploaded video. Unfortunately, YouTube is not accessible in all countries. To ensure everyone can have videos for the conference, we’ve set up this site where you can upload your video. We’ll have students upload these to the CVF video channel on YouTube and then get them linked to the conference website/app. This way, everyone can have their videos included in the multimedia content for the CVPR conference. This site has been used in the past, and we’ve had no reports of blocked access from any country. Because earlier conference posts said people without YouTube access did not have to post videos, we won’t require you to do this. Still, we encourage you to do your 5-minute video and upload it before 11 am MDT on June 3rd so they can be included.

Click here to UPLOAD.


Your file should be a 5-minute narrated video. Ideally, it should be in 1920×1080 mp4 file format, but we will accept other formats and upload them to YouTube for you. You can upload multiple times, (e.g. to correct an earlier error), and we’ll use the last one uploaded. (We don’t overwrite old files! just incase someone needs an older copy). Uploading to YouTube and the CVPR site/app is not automatic, so it will probably not appear in the conference app until June 4th. You can email with questions.