Welcome to the IEEE/CVF Conference  Media Upload site.

The upload site is now closed. Workshops can have their own websites and post things there. WACV keynotes should check their email for a separate process. We don’t want students to suffer for a deadline mistake (though if you miss the paper submission deadline you miss it) and get that for workshops the deadline was very tight. For those that missed the deadline or who want to make changes to their files, which are apparently many, we are instituting a “change fee” of $50 per day. Every change after the basic deadline means Dr. Boult gets to do a good bit of hand processing/checking and validation that would have been part of the process of student checking if submitted on time. We’ll consider this on a case-by-case basis, and the fees will increase over time until we eventually just say no more. Email us for instructions. Note even if you get access to upload a change if we are not looking for the files they will not be processed so don’t just upload and expect it to be processed.

For more information on the WACV 2022 conference, please visit the official website here.

The upload window for the  WACV Conference/Workshop papers will be Nov 19 8am MST til Nov 23 9am MST.   

There will be no exceptions/extensions.


Since WACV 2022 will be a hybrid with in person and online content;  authors of accepted papers are required to  provide additional material to support online access.   All the material listed below will be preserved as part of the permanent record of the conference, similarly to the way that supplemental material is handled, via both CVF Open Access and IEEE Xplore. Videos will be archived on the CVF YouTube channel, and other materials will be part of your paper’s entry on the CVF Open Access site. IEEE Xplore will  host the paper as in previous years. 

Note that providing this information is mandatory. Authors that do not provide the  necessary material in proper format for online access may have their papers removed from the conference proceedings

Because the tools we are considering for remote conference support have requirements for validated material to be uploaded 30 days in advance, and because we have to check all material beforehand, these deadlines are firm.  There will be NO exceptions, so don’t bother asking. 

Use the “Conference Material Upload” button above to submit your material.   You can submit multiple times, new versions will overwrite old ones. 


  • All material should be loaded in the timeframe of Nov 19 8am MST to Nov 23 9am MST.  No extensions are given.   If videos are not uploaded, they will not be part of the remote attendance and you paper will be removed from the conference.   

For instructions on talk length and how to format your video for upload, check the  Instructions.

You should get an email confirming the submission and the file sizes uploaded. If you do not see an email within 5 minutes after your submission,  check your SPAM folder.  

You can see examples from past conferences on the YouTube CVF channel —