Welcome to the CVPR 2020 Media Upload site. For more information on the CVPR 2020 conference, please visit the official website here.

Updating Closed for 2020.

See you at the online conference.  

Workshop update window will open until  June 6  5pm MDT.  


Since CVPR 2020 will be entirely online, authors of accepted papers will need to provide additional material to support online access. All the material listed below will be preserved as part of the permanent record of the conference, similarly to the way that supplemental material is handled, via both CVF Open Access and IEEE Xplore. Videos will be archived on the CVF YouTube channel, and other materials will be part of your paper’s entry on the CVF Open Access site. IEEE Xplore will  host the paper as in previous years. 

Note that providing this information is mandatory. Authors that do not provide the  necessary material in proper format for online access may have their papers removed from CVPR 2020.

Because the tools we are considering for remote conference support have requirements for validated material to be uploaded 30 days in advance, and because we have to check all material beforehand, these deadlines are early in May.  There will be NO exceptions, so don’t bother asking. 

Use the “CVPR20 Conference Upload” button above to submit your material.   You can submit multiple times, new versions will overwrite old ones. 


  • All material should be loaded in the timeframe of May 21 to 5pm May 25 MDT.  No extensions are given, if videos are not uploaded they will not be part of the remote attendance.   If you upload placeholders there will be a chance to update the files (likely June 4-6), but we need all the files to work on the structure and rendering. 

For instructions on talk length and how to format your video for upload, check the  Instructions.

You should get an email confirming the submission. If you do not see an email within 5 minutes after your submission,  check your SPAM folder.  

After about 5 min you can also check for detailed upload listing here